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Automotive classified integration


In April 2021, the KiwiGo engineering team deployed the online classified ads feature on the KiwiGo user interface. This feature has been made available to all countries for end-users to post items for sale quickly on the KiwiGo app. Lately, we integrated millions of automotive ads through a partnership with Emerging Classifieds Ventures

What are Classified Ads on the KiwiGo app? 

The solution is straightforward. Advertisers publish their adverts for the sale of services or products on an online classified listing service called online classifieds. These classifieds are easily accessible by searching the internet.

Advertisers and users can benefit from both sides of the transaction with these classifieds. As soon as one logs on to the KiwiGo app, they can explore these classifieds and find multiple advertisements for various services, items to be purchased. On the other hand, if an app user likes an advertisement, he or she can contact the person via the contact details listed in the classified.

Online classifieds are a platform for people to advertise their services or sell their items to other people. By signing in to the KiwiGo app and entering the online classifieds category, reading the classified, and responding to it, users can gain from both sides of the transaction. They can respond to the ads right away if they like them.

Online classifieds have shown to be a cost-effective and efficient means of reaching a broader audience. Companies can utilize online classifieds to reach a large audience that is spread out over the country. It has become easier to market because businesses no longer have to bear the costs of publishing classified ads or having them published in local media, which are significantly more expensive.

Following our recent deal with Emerging Classifieds Ventures (ECV), KiwiGo’s engineering worked on automotive classifieds ads feed integration for 90 countries. This means that all classified ads published on ECV’s platforms are now synchronized and automatically published under the automotive tags of the KiwiGo app ”Buy & Sell” category. 

That’s right! We have integrated millions of automotive ads across 90 countries with this partnership and few lines of code.

Below are the countries covered by each integration.

The Integration with Africar Group :

Angola / Benin / Botswana / Burkina Faso / Burundi / Cameroon / Chad / Comoros / Congo / Djibouti / Eritrea / Ethiopia / Gabon / Ghana / Guinea / Ivory Coast / Kenya / Lesotho / Liberia / Madagascar / Malawi / Mali / Mauritania / Mauritius / Mozambique / Namibia / Niger / Nigeria / Rwanda / Senegal / Seychelles / Sierra Leone / Somalia / South Sudan / Sudan / Swaziland / Tanzania / The Central African Republic / The Gambia / Togo / Uganda / Zambia / Zimbabwe

The integration with CarroCar Group :

Antigua / Bahamas / Barbados / Beliz / Costa Rica / Curacao / El Salvador / Guatemala / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Nicaragua / Panama / St Lucia

The integration with Asia Car Group :

Afganistan / Armenia / Azerbaijan / Bangladesh / Bhutan / Brunei / Cambodia / Georgia / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Laos / Maldives / Mongolia / Myanmar / Nepal / Oman / Philippines / Tajikistan / Thailand / Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan / Vietnam

The integration with Pacific Ads Group : 

Fiji / French Polynesia / Guam / New Caledonia / Papua New Guinea / Salomon Island / Samoa / Timor Leste / Tonga / Vanuatu

If you are in one of these countries and looking to buy or sell a car, just download the KiwiGo user app. It’s free!