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Online payment processing for internet businesses.

Thousands of websites use Kiwipay to accept online payments. If you have a question about a transaction? Send us a message with the Transaction ID.

KIWIPAY FZE - Block B B10 - 178 - SHARJAH - United Arab Emirates - PSP Licence No: 1952

Thousands of companies uses Kiwipay to accept online payments.

Hotels, Travel Agents, Shops, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Bars, Night Clubs, Souvenir Stores, Airports…KIWIPAY is trusted by most of the major companies in  South-East Asia and Africa.

The merchants can unlock real business opportunity by giving customers the payment options they prefer. Cashless payment is definitively the future of payment.

Cross border & local payment gateway

KiwiPay enables payments to be done between payees and recipients from different countries, activating it through more than 20 emerging markets around the world, connecting them to the biggest financial markets.

Our payment services includes online wallets, international remittance and tokenised online payment gateways.

We embed in popular international wallets, local and fast growing e-commerce and logistics applications to open it to millions of new potential international customers.