Symbol: KGO
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

The Next Generation
of currency

The next generation of banking and financial inclusion.

Bringing value by creating an ecosystem based in reality, based on real people and a real economy. This is the promise of KGO and the Kiwigo ecosystem. Be part of an incredible journey that will create jobs and financial inclusion across multiple continents.

Based on the T.E.S Principles.

Values and vision can be abstract, and so can be technologies; this is why we created an understandable framework to bring the vision, value, and KiwiGo’s positioning to life. We call it the T. E.S principle; no project could work if it is not economically feasible, socially useful, and technologically sound; for both the markets and the founders.


Technology is a core fundamental of the Kiwigo brand, bringing tools and services that are not only adding value to the brand but creating opportunities. In that context technologies should be accessible and part of the real-life usage of the people; a good technology is one that extends an already existing ecosystem, not one that aims at changing it dramatically; technology is an aid, and we are developing it with this principle in mind.


Developing a brand and it's services in frontier markets means understanding the economical tissue of those markets, the needs and their development. Local population may have a smartphone and no bank account, this creates a different economical environment within which there is diversity and possibilities that may differ from the western world. Local economical specificities have to to be recognized and considered.

We are not aiming to paste a model that works elsewhere, we are creating a model that works where we operate.


It may seem mundane, or somewhat obvious. Our experience has shown that it is neither; to be part of a country's economy, is to be part of its society, and that means inclusion and incorporation of those societies cultural and societal aspects; We do not come to bring our truths and principles, we come to listen and participate where we operate, we come not to be the helping hand but the tool with which one can decide for oneself.

Read the in-depth whitepaper about the currency and our philosophy

Transparent principles, and transparent distribution.

As we aim to create an inclusive system, we also aim to be transparent in how we do it, you can already view and follow how our main wallets operate for yourself: