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Is this for Real?

Kiwigo operates since the early 2010s, and has legal offices in more than 20 countries and partners in more than 90 countries. Kiwigo is a legal entity registered as a private company in Singapore under KiwiPay Pte Ltd, 16, Raffles Quay, #33-03 Hong Leong Building, Singapore (048581). We are always happy to answer questions and requests, simply contact us.

Will you burn KGO tokens?

The KiwiGo team does not intend to flood the market with a large number of KGO tokens. Therefore, every time the KiwigoVault will unlock KGO tokens, 95% or 100% of the supply will be burned. The number of tokens to be burned are as follows:
- September 2021: 50,000,000 KGO tokens will be burned
- March 2022: 47,500,000 or 50,000,000 KGO tokens will be burned
- September 2022:  47,500,000 or 50,000,000 KGO tokens will be burned
- March 2023: 760,000,000 or 800,000,000 KGO tokens will be burned
For more info please consult the Roadmap and Token Burn Schedule.

Where do you operate?

KiwiGo currently operates in more than 20 countries, and while it is hard to keep track as we aim at growing, we currently focus on Africa and Asia.
In July 2021, we unlocked 90 markets for online classifieds in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and the Pacific

Can I buy $KGO?

You can trade KGO on popular trading centralized and decentralized platforms (PancakeSwap, Hotbit and more). KiwiGo does not sell any token of the KGO crypto currency. See the KGO page for more details.

Bridging the gap, creating real opportunities for real economies.

At Kiwigo, we cultivate our differences and our goals are clear: we want to breach the gap between frontier markets and the rest of the western world by bringing technologies and services that improve life and create new opportunities.

KiwiPay enables payments to be done between payees and recipients from different countries, activating it through more than 20 emerging markets around the world, connecting them to the biggest financial markets. Our payment services includes online wallets, international remittance and tokenized online payment gateways.

Our goals are simple, we aim to be the main platform for local businesses in the world, starting from where the impact of technologies and services can be seen.

Not just words, real structured entities

The KiwiGo projects, services, brands and currency are backed by a structured legal company based in Singapore under KiwiPay PTE. Ltd. and has subsidies in every country where it operates.

Our long tern vision and activities in the countries where we operate are backed by legal, structured principles: we aim to be part of the local economies.

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