Wallet & Payments

Kiwipay enable SMBs & Customers to use their preferred payment methods across the whole ecosystem.

Last-Mile Logistic

Kiwigo provides a last-mile logistic services in more than 20 countries across 3 continents in frontier markets.


The ultimate ride hailing continuously growing in Asia and Africa to provide the best experience to everyone.

Online Ordering

Wherever you are, there is the best shops around you in Asia and Africa, with hundreds of local partners and growing.

Buy & Sell

Buy & sell features will allow you to grow your own business and your own customer base faster and easier.

Crypto Currency

Fast, secure and made to help the local economies grow and develop like never before within the Kiwigo ecosystem.

Made to facilitate business, and inclusion.

Our vision is to create a self sustainable economic platform based on real economy, for real people where it is really needed and would make a real difference in people’s life by providing new jobs opportunities and digitizing the commerce of goods and services.

Based in reality

Based on real-life principles,
to be used by real people.

20+ Countries

Africa, Asia, and growing faster than you expect.

A currency to connect
more than wallets.

The KGO token's vision is to simplify exchanges and provide economic opportunities to the unbanked in frontier markets. It not only serves as a currency across the app but will also hold a real-life benefit, and value, in the near future with our integrated PoS systems.

We work hard to make it real!


October 2021

Merchants and driver onboarding
using KiwiGo referral rewards

February 2022

Tokenization of loyalty and cashback in the KiwiGo ecosystem

June 2022

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Wallet on KiwiGo Apps

August 2022

Over The Counter & Decentralized Exchanges on KiwiGo Apps

January 2023

Logistic tracking and
Smart Contracts

Mobile Payment & Banking Partners