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Emerging Classifieds Ventures


Emerging Classifieds Ventures (ECV) is a digital ventures builder from Sydney, Australia, building and operating online marketplaces and digital solutions for the automotive and real estate industries in more than 100 emerging and frontier markets around the world, throughout Asia, Americas and Africa.

Through its leading online marketplaces, ECV is bringing trust, transparency and security in the transactions on the automotive and real estate industries in emerging markets, leveraging on the accelerating mobile and internet penetration in these markets.

The ECV ecosystem:


ECV's operations are run from Sydney, Australia with collaborators and teams in Europe, Asia and Africa.


ECV’s strategy is to build and operate online marketplaces and offer a suite of digital solutions to professionals in the automotive and real estate industries in those fast growing but under addressed economies. ECV is leveraging the knowledge and best practices acquired in more mature markets to offer these platforms in frontier and emerging markets throughout the world, solving some critical pain points in the transactional journey.

Why KiwiGo?

KiwiGo is a fintech and super app able to process payments in 190 countries and 50 currencies offering services such as rideshare and on-demand delivery in West and Central Africa. 

ECV is first working on a content strategy with KiwiGo in order to offer more qualified leads and visibility to professional and individual sellers from their marketplaces, on the superapp . 

According to website’s live roadmap the partnership will be gradually implemented during August to deploy ECV’s automotive offering across 90 markets. 

AfriCar Group is the largest and most advanced online automotive portal network in Sub Saharan Africa, founded back in 2017 and now covering 45 countries with a total population of 850 million inhabitants. 

Carro Car Group is active in 15 countries of Central America and the Caribbean including the crypto-friendly nation El Salvador that recently legalized bitcoin as a legal tender. The two companies will address a young population with 30 years old median age and 50 million internet users 

In Asia ECV automotive investments include Asia Car Group and Tiger Digital Ventures and deploy platforms across 35 Asian countries with more than 230 million Internet users. The region has a median age of 28 years old with an average GDP growth of 5%.

In the pacific islands, ECV operates Pacific Ads Group where each portal has its own branding and social media channels and groups. Pacific Ads Group operates over 30+ online assets (Portals, FB Pages, FB Groups, Instagram….) and deploys nationally and regionally across the Pacific Island to create an ecosystem with a substantial reach.

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