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Orange is one of the biggest French telecommunication corporations, covering 266 million customers and employing 142,150 people worldwide. Orange is the 4th largest telecommunication company in Africa. In 2008, they decided to launch Orange Money for the first time on the Ivory Coast. Orange Money is a payment service provider that eases the management of cash flows in transactions between merchants and customers. The service now operates in 18 countries of Africa and covers over 20 million users. In addition, the service orange Money is supported by partners like BNP Paribas, Ecobank, Bank of Africa, and Microcred. 


Orange is not only a telecommunication corporation but a growing company that is building an empire from different services. Orange Money is one of the services that Orange promotes as an effective tool for financial inclusion. This service is already well implemented in many African countries, but their objective is to expand in new countries and diversify their product offering. On top of that, Orange Money is continually trying to increase security when it comes to phone payments and works hand in hand with government and central banks to set regulations. 2023's biggest goal for Orange is to expand credit services in all the countries using Orange Money and seek partnerships with financial institutions. 


Orange wants to accelerate emerging countries’ growth to reach perfect interconnectivity between users and adopt a multi-service strategy. The growing demand for cybersecurity from the sector of B2B has increased. Not only that, small and medium companies need solid financial structures to manage payment with customers, and Orange Money is the perfect service to interlink businesses and individuals. Since the COVID-19 crisis, the payment habits of the population has deeply impacted  and Orange has been able to increase its users by 20% in 2021.

KiwiGo x OrangeMoney

KiwiGo number one priority is to breach the gap between frontier markets and the rest of the western world by bringing technologies and services that improve lives and create new opportunities. Very much like Orange, KiwiGo is an innovation accelerator focusing on growth in emerging territories. KiwiGo’s superapp will give users a wide array of new services from ride-hailing to delivery, and partners like OrangeMoney widely used in Africa, are essential for KiwiGo’s implementation. Orange wants to become the biggest telecommunication company in the world, and we aim to be the main platform for local businesses in the world.