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MTN Group Limited is a South African multinational mobile telecommunication company that operates mainly in African and Asian markets. Founded in 1994, MTN is the ninth-largest telecommunication company in the world and the largest in Africa, with a record of 273.44 million subscribers. They provide diverse technology services like GSM, UMTS, HSPA+, HSUPA, VOIP, and 3G to 5G services. The company operates in twenty countries, mainly located in Africa, including Nigeria that holds 35% of the market share. Very much like Orange, MTN acts as a Fintech with their mobile money services and has partnered with Mastercard to ensure safe and global e-commerce payments in 16 African countries.


MTN operates around a large spectrum of activities covering consumers, businesses, media, and financial services. Focusing on financial services, MTN has captured in April 2021 between 5 and 6 billion dollars in value and is now operating in 15 countries like Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau, or even Congo. The solution MTN Mobile Money enables wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments, and other transactions using their mobile phones. MTN users from eight African countries can receive money from over 50 different countries thanks to the app WorldRemit. 

Strategic Priorities

By 2025, the MTN group wants to become the leader in terms of digital solutions for Africa’s progress and increase access to modern connected life.

  • Build the largest and most valuable platforms: Pivot from product to platform and seek partnerships to accelerate growth in the following sectors, Fintech, digital, enterprise, NaaS, and API marketplace.

  • Drive industry-leading connectivity operations: Increase consumer data and contribute to the digital transformation through step-change efficiencies and service levels.

  • Create shared value: Step-change in ESG positioning of the group as well as broad-based ownership and inclusion across markets.

  • Accelerate portfolio transformation: Exit middle-east, expansion in sub-Saharan Africa, and structural separation between assets and platforms.

KiwiGo x MTN

KiwiGo number one priority is to breach the gap between frontier markets and the rest of the western world by bringing technologies and services that improve lives and create new opportunities. Very much like MTN, KiwiGo is a powerful engine that will bring African access to digital payment and new alternatives. KiwiGo’s super app will give users a wide array of new services from ride-hailing to delivery, and partners like MTN widely used on the African continent are essential for KiwiGo’s implementation. Based on the fast-growing market in African countries and the need for modern payment solutions, MTN wants to accelerate digitalization and financial inclusion thanks to MTN Mobile Money. KiwiGo’s vision is to contribute to the local economies and bring new financial alternatives to consumers. Therefore, partnerships with giants like MTN will give access to new markets and boost new opportunities.