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KGO is listed on Folgory





Folgory is a centralized exchange from the United Kingdom launched in May 2019 as a brand of HashFort LTD. The 24h trading volume of USD is estimated at 325.2 million and the weekly visits at 5,926. Folgory exchange provides its users with 89 different coins.


The Platform


On this exchange, you can buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies and manage your portfolio. The good point is that you can have access to your portfolio via your mobile phone thanks to the Folgory App. On top of that, Folgory provides users with a standard trading view for all investors. Folgory charges flat fees of 0.20% for spot trading and withdrawal fees of 0.001 BTC per BTC-withdrawal. Folgory trading fees are lower than the industry average of 0.25% and withdrawal fees are above the industry average of 0.000643 BTC.



How to trade KGO


At this trading platform, you can deposit through wire transfer and credit cards which makes it more accessible for new investors that do not own KGO and would like to buy it directly on Folgory. You can only trade KGO tokens with Tether, the most important stablecoin cryptocurrency based on the USD. If you do not own any Tether and would like to trade on Folgory, you will have to buy them with regular cash. There you can have access to the pairs:





Folgory is a centralized exchange which means that if you decide to invest and trade KGO tokens on this platform, your funds will be protected on private servers.