Payment Service Provider

Leveraging Technology
for Billions of SMBs & Customers

About KiwiPay & KiwiGroup

KiwiPay has been established in 2018.

Kiwi Pay is now one of the leading Fintech in S-E Asia, Africa And Europe, connecting the dots between payment gateways, central banks, commercial banks, merchants and end customers.

Our aim is to offer a reliable and easy cashless payment solution. We have at Kiwi Group a team of highly professional engineers educated in prestigious University. Technological watch is our credo.

End 2017, ANT Financial, affiliate company of the Chinese Alibaba Group, has chosen KIWI PAY to become his partner and deploy the ALIPAY E- wallet.

Kiwi Pay is also partner with Wechat Pay And Union Pay.

Thousands of Clients are using our all-in-one solution

Hotels, Travel Agents, Shops, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Bars, Night Clubs, Souvenir Stores, Airports…

KIWIPAY is trusted by most of the major companies in  South-East Asia.

The merchants can unlock real business opportunity by giving customers the payment options they prefer. Cashless payment is definitively the future of payment.


Growing small & medium businesses to the next level
through digital payment systems

Payment Service Provider
in Frontier & Emerging Markets

Crossborder & Local Payment Gateway

KiwiPay enables payments to be done between payees and recipients from different countries, activating it through more than 20 emerging markets around the world, connecting them to the biggest financial markets.

Our payment services includes online wallets, international remittance and tokenised online payment gateways.

eCommerce & Loyalty Miniprograms

We embed in popular international wallets, local and fast growing e-commerce and logistics applications to open it to millions of new potential international customers.

e-Visa Applications & Services

Our e-Visa service allows governments, immigration and border departments to fast process e-Visa applications and payments through our system or directly embedded in the most popular international wallets.

Tourism Online Services

Through our international partners like the billion user, we enable local tourism operators and government bodies to fast track their development and growth by pushing them to international visitors through international popular wallets.

Bringing the most popular online payment services to emerging markets