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Meet the people behind the project, 30+ people, on all continents.

Every project is as strong as its team. From its root Kiwigo has always been an equal opportunity employer and we are welcoming every path of life and experience.

Gregory Schmidt
Founder & CEO

Internet entrepreneur with a career spanning over 15 years, specialized in mobile payment and banking networks. He is a member of the OCCE.

Maxime Rosburger
Partner & COO

E-commerce entrepreneur with a decade of experience in South East Asia and emerging markets, he founded Meal Temple in early 2010s.

Sy Pauv Phu
Partner & CTO

CTO of KiwiPay, & CEO at GAEASYS with more than 20 years of experience, serving Top Tier clients such as BNP Paribas, eBay & Allianz.

Alex Odom, CFA
Partner & Advisor

Chief Investment Officer of Belt Road Capital Management, where he manages a $50 Million tech investment fund focused on the CLMV region.

Arthur Suquet
Partner & Expansion Manager

Ex-Meal Temple Group Business Development Manager. Currently leading KiwiGo's expansion in East and West African countries.

Angèle Yì Fargette
Partner & Advisor

Ex-Meal Temple Group, Country launcher & Operation Manager in Laos for the Food Delivery and Ride-hailing verticals.

Sokha Kean
Lead Developer

With 10 years of experience in building complex on-demand and payment systems, Sokha currently leads the tech team and roadmap execution.

Olivia Perrin
Partner & Advisor

Ex-Meal Temple Group, Olivia served as Business Developer in Laos and as Country Launcher in Nepal.

Lex Avstreikh
Marketing Advisor

Creative, designer, copywriter, self starter and innovation maker; specialized in creating strategies that work and based in reality.

Christophe Nicolas
Managing Partner CEMAC & Cameroon

30 years of entrepreneurship in Africa, currently managing local operations and dealing with central and commercial banks in the region.

Lim Vouchnim
iOS Developer

Computing is too important to be left to men.

Htut Oo Yoon
Managing Partner Myanmar

Founder & CEO of Htut & Associates, Vice Chairman of Tint Tint Group of companies, Managing Director of Apexand Logistics & Myanapp

Marc Hagelauer

Specialized in software development, founded FoodByPhone in Thailand later acquired by Rocket Internet and rebranded as Food Panda.

Christophe Debien

Passionate about the environment and currently Chairman of the European Organization for Climate and Circular Economy (OCCE) in Brussels.

Guillaume Andriambelo
Managing Partner Madagascar

Managing Partner of WMG Immobilier, Co-Founder of Vanille Capra, and craking deals to bolster financial inclusion in Madagascar

Sinn Soklyhor
iOS Developer

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Axel Peyriere
Partner & Advisor

Enthusiastic entrepreneur and angel investor working with startups all around the world. Has worked with more than 200 startups.

Yeemon Yan

After graduation from IPAG Business School, she worked in Tech Real-estate and Media startups and is fluent in French, English and Mandarin

Tang Suvteng
Android Developer

Software engineer on a mission to build the best android Superapp for users, merchants, and drivers in the KiwiGo ecosystem.

Chantal Lewat
Partner Cameroon

Entrepreneur & President of Cameroon Hospitality Association, promoting KiwiGo's mobile payments for the hospitality industry.

Tith Khem
BackEnd Developer

Integration Junkie, hands in KiwiGo's backend from day 1. "Code is my life, coffee is my love!"

Scophia Kiptum
Managing Partner Uganda

Scophia operates shopping malls and leads KiwiGo operations ensuring a fast deployment of mobile payments starting with the retail sector

Seng Kimchhay
BackEnd Developer

If at first, you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0

Ratha Chan
BackEnd Developer

Passionate about software development, data science, and business analytics. Hands in KiwiGo backend from day 1.

Gauthier Pons De Vincent
Ambassador & Community Lead

Based in London, Gauthier holds a BBA in Finance and expertise in corporate finance and early-stage startup investments.

Medoune Diop
Managing Partner Senegal

Founder & CEO of Global World Consulting, CFO of Allianz Cameroun Assurances, Ex-CFO of Gras Savoye Group Willis Towers Watson.

Khan Rathmony
BackEnd Developer

Think of solutions then the technologies to implement them.

Mahamat Delacroix (Herman)
Managing Partner Chad

Herman runs an IT company for 25 years and is a subcontractor of Western Union. His experience is key to ensure KiwiGo's success in Chad.

Ethan M. Menai
Seed investor & Think Tank Advisor

Our end goal is to build the World's Largest Crypto Think Tank! Attacking real-world issues and solving them one step at a time!

En Lorn
Android Developer

There is no reasonable excuse for doing anything less than your best!

Dalin Vun
BackEnd Developer

I use technology to improve lives.

Thierry Gaultier
Partner Central African Republic

Passionate about Africa, Thierry currently manages and leads the team located in Bangui in the Central African Republic.

Rin Sophanith
BackEnd Developer

Apps should look good from the inside and out.

Dara Visal Dy
Software Architect & Advisor

Advising and defining structured solutions that meet all business and technical needs.

Yav Sovann
BackEnd Developer

“Software Developer” – An organism that turns caffeine into software