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Use Your KGO Online and in Real Life

The KGO token is based on real-life principles and was created with the intention to be used by real people in their everyday life. Here is a summary of the large diversity of services and offers you can use or will soon be able to use KGO for.

Pay with KGO Anywhere in Real Life

KiwiGo is based on the KiwiPay payment technology, which offers cashless payment solutions to SMEs worldwide. KiwiPay provides them with dynamic QR code solutions which enable foreign e-wallet transactions like Alipay, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and CyberSource, and very soon KGO transactions too. This has already allowed tens of thousands of retail shops, hotels, and restaurants to boost their financial inclusion into the digital economy.

As KiwiGo is currently deploying in numerous countries and world regions, working closely with local banks and authorities, the merchant network of KiwiGo-KiwiPay is rapidly expanding. Check our roadmap to see where KiwiGo is deploying, and which partnerships have been signed to get a fuller idea of what will soon be a reality: one unique QR code for hundreds of thousand SMEs such as hotels, travel agents, shops, restaurants, guest houses, bars, night clubs, souvenir stores and airports to use to receive payment, and for clients to enjoy using to pay with KGO or alternative payment methods.

In time, we will make a credit card available to eliminate the last conceptual complexities of cryptocurrency and bridge to a real-life representation that everyone understands. The KiwiGo Card will allow users to spend easily and quickly their KGO tokens anywhere, thus making them as spendable as the money in your bank.

Send Money Easily to Family and Friends

The KGO token allows any user located anywhere in the world to send KGO without requiring a third party to mediate the exchange. Ultra-fast, efficient, safe and with some of the lowest transaction fees, KGO can be transferred in the blink of an eye to your close ones abroad, regardless of their local currency or regulations. 

Every KGO transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the blockchain called Binance Smart Chain. All you need to do is have internet access and know the public address of the person you are sending KGO to, and you are done.

For a step-by-step guide on how to transfer KGO, see our dedicated tutorial.

Use Your KGO on the KiwiGo Super App

As the native token of the KiwiGo super app, KGO is usable for a large diversity of services and offers on the platform, such as:

Online Ordering – You can now get delivered from the comfort of your home from one of the hundreds of thousands partner shops of KiwiGo. What do you need? Check the app to order anything related to:

  • Food
  • Groceries
  • Drinks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Beauty
  • Care
  • Baby care

Online Booking – As mentioned in our roadmap, from December 2021 you will be able to use the KiwiGo app to organize your travels and book:

  • Hotels
  • Flights

Ride-Hailing and Taxi – Thousands of drivers are ready to drive you anywhere you need and pick you up anywhere you are. Check the app, you are only 2 clicks away from your next destination!

Classifieds – You can also publish and reply to car classified ads on the KiwiGo app in more than 90 countries. Good luck finding your gem! 

All these services are currently available in 30 countries and will soon be made available in more than 90 countries to begin with. Check below to see if your country is part of the lucky ones: 

  • Africa

  • Asia

  • Pacific Islands

  • Americas and the Caribbean