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The KGO Token in a Few Words

To properly start your KGO journey, let us first begin with a general introduction of the token, and learn what KGO is, its underlying philosophy and general features.

What is the KGO Token?

The KGO token is the native token of the KiwiGo super app, where it is usable for a large diversity of services and offers.

The KGO token is a digital currency. Any user located anywhere in the world can use the KGO token as a secure exchange of value, without requiring a third party to mediate the exchange. Anyone who owns KGO can transfer value to anyone with an KGO address: they simply need to know the public address of the person they are sending value to, much like sending value to an email address. Every transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the blockchain called Binance Smart Chain.

KGO tokens stored in a wallet can be delegated to a stake pool to earn rewards. In time, we will offer a mobile wallet, direct bank integration, and make a credit card available to eliminate the last conceptual complexities of cryptocurrency and bridge to a real-life representation that everyone understands. The KiwiGo Card will allow users to spend easily and quickly their KGO tokens anywhere, thus making them as spendable as the money in your bank.

Founded on the T.E.S. Principles

New technologies tend to be complex and abstract, so it was essential for the KiwiGo team to ground the project in reality, and to develop it in full accordance with the needs of our time. Our vision and philosophy can be brought down to what we call the T.E.S. Principles: to succeed, any project needs to be economically feasible, socially useful, and technologically sound.

Technology is a core pillar of the KiwiGo brand, bringing tools and services that are adding value to the brand but also creating opportunities. In that context, technologies should be made accessible to the greatest number of users and be part of their real-life usage. To us, a good technology is one that extends an already existing ecosystem, not one that aims at changing it dramatically. Technology is an aid, and we are developing it with this principle in mind.

Economy - Developing a brand and its services in frontier markets means understanding the economical tissue of those markets and their needs. Some local populations have a smartphone but no bank account, this creates a different economic environment whose diversity and possibilities may differ from western standards. As a result, it is crucial to identify and consider these local economical specificities.

Society - To be part of a country's economy is to be part of its society. That means a project should include and incorporate the cultural and societal aspects of those societies rather than imposing foreign truths and principles. We listen and participate where we operate to create a model that works in particular contexts instead of just pasting existing models. We are providing tools to empower people to decide for themselves. 

An Empowerment Tool for Local Businesses and Individuals

The KGO token is ultimately an empowerment tool for local businesses and individuals, allowing them to create their own ecosystem and bring their own values and ideas to the local economies. To that end, the KGO token was created around the value of simplicity and a people-first approach aiming at:

  • Providing a set of accessible tools
  • Creating a technologically safe ecosystem
  • Allowing self-governed economic empowerment
  • Enabling independent initiatives to flourish

In more practical terms, this translates into:

Providing access to the unbanked – Not everyone enjoys regular banking opportunities. This can often be caused by complex and time daunting procedures for certain demographics. Arduous paperwork and one’s job or social position may prevent the individual from opening a bank account, which in turn generates socio-economic inequality. In contrast, everyone has a phone which constitutes a gateway to independent banking. We want to facilitate that opportunity even further by providing a way to access assets by means of cryptocurrency.

Loyalty − cashback − point systems – We enable local businesses to create their own loyalty programs without the need for a third-party app or technical knowledge, thus boosting their ability to be self-sufficient. KiwiGo will provide pre-made templates and rules systems that will help businesses develop economic-enabling behaviors.

Tokenize everything - The KGO token will enable a selected group of users to create their own tokens bridged to the real economy. This will allow groups of businesses to coordinate themselves in communities or cooperatives to extend their natural reach, scope, and influence.

Security - The security associated with cryptocurrency is also one of the main reasons for creating the KGO token. Decentralization, inherent to blockchain technology, eliminates points of failure across the network and creates always-on availability in regions where centralized networks and databases are prone to failures. The KGO token thus provides a better business ecosystem for users and investors as it is part of a resilient system that is impervious to external tampering, may they be technological or voluntary.