Welcoming a fresh start

KiwiGo is the new super app created after the acquisition of Meal Temple Group in 2020.

Created on the principle of solving everyday challenges with technology, the KiwiGo app has been created from offering just a food delivery service (formerly Meal Temple) to a suite of more than 10 services today. As we continue to grow as a leading tech company serving everyday solutions for millions of users across Southeast Asia, our passion for problem-solving grows.

This journey builds on our ever-present dedication to creating seamless experiences for users and providing the socio-economy impact for millions of our partners (drivers and merchants).

The Purple color of our logo symbolizes the fusion of kiwi pay (blue) and meal temple (red) transformation from being respectively a fintech and a food delivery service to becoming the largest Super App with three platforms: consumer, driver, and merchant applications, with a variety of smart ways to eliminate hassles.

We believe that with KiwiGo, and with continuous technological innovations, There Is Always A Way to solve everyday problems and affect positive social impact.


Kiwi Pay’s journey began in 2016 as an online payment solution provider in Laos. The homegrown company was the first to receive a payment solution provider license from Laos Central Bank.

Since then, Kiwi Pay acquired Meal Temple Group, a food delivery startup founded in 2013. The KiwiGo app has then evolved into a Super App, a multi-services platform with more than 10 services today.

KiwiGo is now a leading technology group of platforms serving more than 20 countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The 3 KiwiGo Pillars



Our service is fast, and we continually learn and grow from experience.


We work hard to continuously improve our services, so that they provide more ease for users.
Social Impact

Social Impact

We work to create as much positive social impact as possible for KiwiGo users.


Through just one platform, KiwiGo’s users can access over 10 services ranging from transportation to food delivery, e-money, and even a loyalty program. Because with KiwiGo, There Is Always A Way.